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We Don’t Kill Bats, and Why You Shouldn’t Either

Do you have bats in your Roseburg, OR, attic? If so, don’t panic or try to exterminate them on your own. Bats can carry harmful microorganisms that may make humans very ill; so bat removal should only be attempted by the professionals at Eden Pest. Despite their less-than-charming reputation, bats are not all bad. They […]

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Winter Bat Prevention and Control

Not only do bats sleep during the day, they hibernate throughout the winter. Washington and Oregon pest control experts warn that if your home is simply accessible, bats may choose it as their hibernation spot. By knowing about common Northwest bats and prevention strategies, you can take strides in thwarting their presence in your home. […]

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Eden Pest Knows Pests: Did you Know that Bats Make Up ¼ of all Mammals?

Not only are a quarter of the mammals on the planet bats, there are over 1,100 species of bats in the world. Residential pest control experts share that the little brown bats that lives in the Pacific Northwest breed during the fall and spring, so now is the perfect time to practice bat control by […]

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