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Eden Pest Knows Bugs: Ants Communicate With Each Other Using Pheromones

The fall is ant pest control season. Residential pest control experts share that as natural food sources become more scarce, ants start coming into homes. As you keep your eyes open for an ant infestation: Identify the ant species (a residential pest control company can help). Find out how they enter your home and, if […]

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Ant Pest Control: Natural Ways for Preventing and Controlling These Pests

One of the pests people love to hate is ants. Ants become a huge problem in the spring, and natural pest control is the safest way to keep these bugs away. Check out the following ant pest prevention tips to deter and control the ants this spring and summer. Natural Ant Pest Control Tips Thoroughly […]

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How to Prevent Your Pet’s Food from Attracting Ants

Unless your pet is an anteater or hedgehog, it’s not a good thing to have ants in or around your pet’s food. Unfortunately, this is the time of year in Medford and elsewhere when ants come out of hiding, and the pet dish is often one of the first places they are drawn to in […]

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Fire Ants Partner with Aphids to Grow their Populations

In the world of pest control, ants and aphids aren’t usually seen as partners in crime; however, recent research has revealed that members of the two species have learned to scratch each other’s backs. According to scientists, aphids and fire ants practice mutualism, or a tit-for-tat relationship in the animal kingdom. Unfortunately, this symbiotic relationship […]

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Pest Prevention: Tips for Keeping the Bugs Away This Spring

There’s plenty to look forward to as spring approaches: Flowers blooming. Birds singing. New life seems to be popping up everywhere you look. Unfortunately, that rule also holds true for pests. Because many insects are dormant in the cold months of winter, spring is when many homeowners realize that they may have a problem with […]

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