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Tacoma Pest Control Extends to UW Library Books

Suzallo Library

Tacoma pest control specialists reveal that even university libraries aren’t safe from bed bug infestations. In December 2012, the University of Washington’s library was a victim of bed bugs, giving the pests the opportunity to further spread to student housing and beyond.

An Itchy Situation

When it comes to pest control, Tacoma experts reveal that bed bugs hide and lay their eggs in the spines of hardcover books. UW librarians began to notice the problem when they saw dark spots and bugs within the spines of returned items. Since most people read in bed (and bed bugs live in or near beds), the library staff speculates that the bed bugs simply migrated to a book or two. Upon discovery of the bugs, the staff immediately sealed the infested books in plastic bags, stating that fewer than ten volumes were affected.

To remedy the problem, the books, still in the plastic bags, were frozen to -18ËšF. Tacoma pest control experts generally use heat to kill bed bugs, but heat can damage books and accelerate their aging, so freezing was the best natural pest control alternative for this situation.

Extra Help from a Canine Friend

To make sure the bed bug infestation was limited to the identified books, UW called in the help of a bed bug-sniffing dog. Trained dogs are faster are and more accurate at detecting nesting sites than the other methods experts use. Fortunately, the dog didn’t find any more infestations. 

Once a library discovers bed bugs in its books, it’s smart to bring in a bed bug-sniffing dog immediately and for regular maintenance checkups. Eden Pest has a Bed Bug Detection Dog named Molly who is part of our Tacoma pest control team. Molly has 97 percent accuracy rate, making her a great addition to anyone’s natural pest control efforts.

[ Photo by: ericnvntr, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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