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Summer=Vacation=Hotels=Bed Bugs?

Farewell to good old times

Bed bugs were once a fabled critter that perhaps your grandparents recounted as a childhood concern. For several decades, Americans thought the bugs were history, a problem that only people overseas encountered. Over the last decade, however, bed bugs have made a big comeback in all 50 states—in sanitary and unsanitary conditions alike—and can be a problem no matter where you book your summer travel.

Bed Bug Facts

  • In 2013, 99.6 percent of U.S. pest management companies treated bed bug infestations.
  • Bed bugs appear the most during the summer.
  • Bed bugs are harder to treat than ants, termites and cockroaches.
  • 20 percent of Americans have experienced a bed bug infestation or know someone who acquired bed bugs from a hotel or another person’s home.
  • Every region in the U.S. has an equal distribution of bed bugs.
  • 80 percent of Americans are concerned about exposure to bed bugs in hotels.
  • 25 percent of Americans inspect hotel rooms for bed bugs.
  • 17 percent of U.S. travelers inspect or vacuum luggage after returning home from a trip.
  • 12 percent of U.S. travelers have canceled trips because of bed bug concerns.

Bed bugs can:

  • Lay one to five eggs per day.
  • Survive for many months without eating
  • Pass through stitch holes and closed zippers when they are young.
  • Draw blood for up to 5 minutes.
  • Eat seven times their own weight.

While bugs have not so far been found to transmit diseases, they are a nuisance that only get worse when left uncontrolled. If you have any bed bug concerns or want to schedule a free bed bug inspection, contact Eden Pest today. 

[ Photo by: elitatt, on Flickr, via CC License ]


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