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Spooky Pests to Watch out for this Month!

Spider Pumpkin by JoshBerglund19, on Flickr.comWith Halloween decorations up everywhere, Oregon pest control experts warn you to not let real pests convince you that they’re fake or only around temporarily. While rats, bats, ravens and spiders are Halloween staples, some critters truly deserve a spot next to the witch’s brew…in rubber form, of course. You don’t need to look farther past this list to find a scary costume idea for you or your kid.

Scariest Pests on Earth

Goliath Birdeater Tarantula

If you’re ever in the rainforests of Central or South America, don’t be ashamed if you screamed and run away after seeing the Goliath birdeater tarantula. As the biggest tarantula on the planet, this arachnid weighs about 5 ounces has a leg span of nearly 12 inches—about the size of a male adult foot. When the tarantula feels threatened, it will make a sound by rubbing its hairy legs together to warn you to stay away. If you don’t heed the warning, it will sink its fangs into your skin. Fortunately, the tarantula’s venom isn’t that toxic to humans.


Endemic to the islands of New Zealand, some species of weta are among the heaviest and largest insects in the world. They look like a cross between a cricket and a cockroach with huge legs, and can live in a variety of environments. While most weta eat other insects, there is a species that eats flowers, leaves and fruit. Like many insects, weta are more scary looking than dangerous. They’d rather run away than bite you. (Yes, they do bite.)

Assassin Bug

This insect makes other insects scream and run away. True to its name, the assassin bug waits patiently for its prey before ambushing it. The insect has a curved beak that it stabs into its prey and secretes a flesh-dissolving enzyme found in its saliva. The assassin bug then uses its beak to drink up the victim’s slushy innards.

Scary Northwest Pests

Black Widow Spider

If your Halloween costume is black, has eight legs and a red bowtie, there’s no doubt that you are a black widow spider. The black widow is small, but the neurotoxins in its venom pack a powerful punch. Washington pest control experts warn that its venom can be up to 15 times more toxic than rattlesnake venom, although fortunately the volume of venom injected is less. These spiders usually would rather play dead or run away than attack you, but they can be vicious when guarding their eggs. 


Rats and mice aren’t cute when they infest your home. In addition to potentially harboring dangerous diseases, the creatures have unsanitary habits and have the rude practice of gnawing through items like bags of food, electrical wires, drywall, paper and cardboard boxes with your seasonal clothes.

Bed Bugs

Like many pests, bed bugs are nocturnal creatures. When they’re in your bed, the blood-sucking bugs inject an anesthetic-type of compound that numbs your skin as they feast. As if the thought of bugs crawling all over your skin at night isn’t bad enough, bed bugs multiply quickly and are nearly impossible to kill using only chemical pesticides. Fortunately, expert integrated pest management control techniques do the job.

If pests are making your life a living nightmare, contact the Washington and Oregon pest control experts at Eden Pest right away. In addition to keeping yourself safe from the dangers that pests may pose, our professionals use integrated pest management techniques that include natural pest management solutions to protect for your family, pets and the environment.

[ Photo by: JoshBerglund19, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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