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Seattle Rodent Control: 10 Signs You Have a Winter Infestation

There's a mouse loose about this house.

Home rodent control is essential to the safety of your family and home. If you notice any of the following signs of a rodent infestation, immediately call a Seattle rodent control specialist:

1. Noise. Rodents aren’t quiet, especially at night. You may hear squeaks or noises that sound like RC cars within walls or other rooms if you have an infestation.

2. Droppings. These are most commonly found in cabinets, pantries and other areas where you may store food. Because rodents carry the Hanta virus, it’s best to have a home rodent control expert handle the cleanup.

3. Pools of urine. Rodents are rude and don’t use toilets. They have weak bladders and tend to dribble urine whenever they feel the need. You may even find urine pillars – small mounds made of grease, urine, and dirt or dust.

4. Gnaw marks. You might notice little bite marks and crumbs on food you left out or on items such as electrical wires.

5. Holes in food packaging. If you don’t store food in strong containers made of plastic, glass or metal, you may see gnaw marks on packaging materials.

6. Evidence of nests. Rodents like to make nests out of paper, fabric, stuffed animals, furniture, cardboard and other warm materials.

7. Odors. Rodents have a distinct musky smell, and dead ones smell like rotten meat.

8. Tracks. You may notice paw prints in dusty areas of your home or in powdery substances, such as spilled flour.

9. Excited pets. If your dog or cat gets excited around a wall or a possible rodent hiding area, you may have an infestation.

10. Rodent sightings. If you see a rodent in your home, there’s a good chance it’s been there for a while and has family members hiding somewhere.

In addition to being unsightly, rodents pose several safety hazards. Call a Seattle rodent control company if you have even the slightest concern about an infestation – better safe than sorry.

[ Photo by: surprise truck, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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