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Seattle Pest Control: Spring Flooding a Reminder to Keep the Rats Out

When the snow begins to melt and the rains contribute to the rise of nearby bodies of water, displaced rats start to come out of hiding. The rats in the Seattle and Puget Sound area aren’t quite like the sewer rats of NYC that don’t mind the occasional swim – they’ll be seeking refuge from the wet in homes and businesses across the city. Effective Seattle rodent control starts with preventative actions to help keep rats and mice out, whether you’re the victim of seasonal flooding or not. Rodent in House

Finding a New Home

In an effort to stay high and dry, it’s common for rats to seek refuge in area homes and buildings when the waters rise. The most attractive locations are those that allow easy access via a crack in an exterior wall, are littered with nesting materials (such as trash, paper or old clothes) and offer a food source such as a kitchen pantry, table scraps or open restaurant dumpsters. 

Incidentally, rats also flock to post-flooded areas because of the messes the high waters leave behind. After a home or company experiences a flood, owners are left with piles of garbage they or the city may not be able to take care of right away. The piles of debris that follow pose a Seattle rodent control problem by creating a rodent paradise, as rats and mice are generally attracted to the smell of garbage, trash and rotting food.

Prevention is Key

Seattle rodent control specialists recommend planning in advance for spring floods. If you live in a low-risk area, take preventative measures by sealing all the interior and exterior walls of your home or office. Never leave food out in the open, and store pantry items in glass, metal or tough plastic containers with lids. Furthermore, never leave food trash in your home or office and always use the lid on outdoor garbage cans.

If you do live in an area that’s at risk for flooding, create a clean-up plan as well as a plan to prepare your home or office before the floodwaters arrive. For example, as soon as you learn you may need to evacuate, elevate what you can off the ground, including garbage cans and food, to prevent water damage. Your plan can also include a list of items you may need to clean in order of importance.

If you need assistance creating a rodent prevention plan, don’t hesitate to contact a Seattle rodent control expert.

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