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Bats, Rats, and Spiders: Halloween’s Stars are Your Home’s Villains

BatmanNever does a person see so many bats, rats and spiders than at Halloween, when these cringe-inducing pests become the darlings of haunt manufacturers everywhere. If simply walking down the Halloween aisle at the store makes you want to call a Seattle pest control company, you’re not alone.

It’s no accident that many of the creepy-crawlies that come out to play for Halloween are also common culprits in many Seattle rodent control and insect control house calls. Some of the most despised pests include spiders and rodents; Seattle homeowners are often quick to pick up the phone and call a local pest control company when these critters appear. Here’s a look at why rats, bats and spiders are considered such villainous pests.


Despite the fact that bats are usually not a threat, they often engender as much fear as the nastiest of rodents. Seattle homeowners typically cringe at the thought of encountering one. Seattle pest control companies do get calls about them, but on-site removal is required only in extreme cases such as heavy infestations. They rarely, if ever, attack humans, and the chances of a bat having rabies is exceptionally rare (less than one percent).

However, bats can populate quickly and create many offspring in your warm attic during the winter. While the bats themselves will, for the most part, avoid you and your family, most people consider them a nuisance because of the noise they make. Their droppings are another story; cleaning up dead bats and bat droppings can be dangerous because of certain bacteria that can be transmitted to humans. Thus, if you do have a bat infestation, it’s best to let a Seattle rodent control service handle it.


Despite their importance to medical science, rats are some of the most universally despised rodents; Seattle, in particular, has a long and unpleasant history with them. In the late 1800s, various species of rats from Northern Europe and Asia made their way to the city as stowaways on ship cargo. It took only a few hundred rats to kick-start a colonization that would keep Seattle pest control companies in business for decades to come. One resident even died of the bubonic plague in 1907 due to a rat bite!

Luckily, Seattle pest control professionals today don’t have to worry about the plague so much as more common concerns: Rats populate quickly, get into your food stores, spread germs, and damage the infrastructure of your home (sometimes even causing house fires). That alone is enough to earn these rodents a place on the list of Halloween’s most nefarious pests.


Believe it or not, spiders are actually the least harmful of this bunch of pests. Seattle is mild in comparison to many other states when it comes to spider problems. Black widows are extremely uncommon in the area, as is the venomous brown recluse. The only real threat is the hobo spider, which, even still, is quite uncommon in Seattle.

Thus, many of our perceived fears surrounding house spiders come purely from cultural traditions – Halloween included – rather than any real threat. When in doubt, just call a Seattle pest control expert for advice.

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