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Seattle Bird Control Tips for Avoiding the Summer Bird Nuisance


When you hear the word “pest,” it’s common to think of insects. However, birds can also be pests, and Seattle bird control is a big issue for many businesses, renters and homeowners. The most common varieties of nuisance birds in the Seattle area include pigeons, sparrows, woodpeckers and starlings. In addition to being messy, birds can also make you ill.

How Nuisance Birds Can Make You Sick

Bird feces: Bird waste can have devastating effects. In the summer of 1993, for example, bird droppings in a water reservoir caused hundreds of New Yorkers to fall ill because of the bacteria and viruses that were transmitted. Dried fecal matter can also contaminate soil or attract mold spores, which can infect an open wound or cause upper respiratory problems.  

Parasites: Ectoparasites, fleas, ticks, mites and nearly 40 other parasites live on birds, in their nests or even inside them. These parasites may carry viral and bacterial agents, including meningitis and encephalitis. Furthermore, birds and their waste can introduce these parasites into your environment.

Effective Bird Control Tactics

In addition to posing a public health risk, uric acids from bird droppings can weaken and deface buildings, while nesting debris can clog gutters and ventilation systems. One of the most effective ways to practice bird control is with the installation of bird blocks, which are humane bird deterrents. Some of the most popular blocks used for Seattle bird control include:

  • Repellants. This type of bird block includes anything that tastes or smells bad, or looks or sounds scary. Base the type of repellant that you use on type of nuisance bird and its behavior.
  • Building modifications. Spikes and safe electrical shock strips on key locations of a building prevents roosting and nesting.
  • Bird netting. A great bird control solution for gardens, soft mesh netting creates a safe barrier between your plants and the birds that like to feast on them.

Some bird problems are difficult to handle alone. To keep unwanted birds away, consider our Nuisance Bird Abatement System. This bird control program uses humane and harmless methods that are also aesthetically pleasing.

[ Photo by: zigazou76, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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