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Insecticide Use for Bed Bugs Causes Illness in Washington

In September 2011, the Center for Disease Control reported that 111 individuals in the U.S. became ill and one person died when they took bed bug pest control into their own hands with the use of insecticides. These illnesses occurred between the years 2003 and 2010, and almost 10 percent of the illnesses occurred in the state of Washington. What many homeowners don’t know is that there are safer, more effective ways to respond to Seattle bed bugs.

A Twofold Problem

Bed bugs are small, wingless insects that are shaped like an apple seed. Young bed bugs are a cream color and can fit through the teeth of zippers, while the adult insects are dark brownish-red in color. These insects are resilient and often remain unaffected by insecticides.

Most bed bug outbreaks occur in houses and apartments, and most individuals are not certified to apply insecticides. Incidentally, the CDC states that most of the individuals who suffered the effects of excessive insecticide use did not know about the application of the toxins in their environment and/or failed to wash their bedding, furniture and linens after using an insecticide treatment.

Better Pest Control Alternatives

Bed bugs are hearty, but cannot withstand starvation or extreme heat. For safer bed bug pest control, use a special bed bug mattress cover that prevents the insects from living in the bedding. If there are already bedbugs in your mattress, the cover will cause them to starve to death by cutting them off from food sources.

To kill bed bugs in clothing and linens, wash the items using the hottest water temperature setting. Vacuuming your flooring and furniture regularly is another good technique for bed bug pest control. Seattle pest control companies can also effectively kill bed bugs using a special heating system, which raises the room temperature to more than 110 degrees, a fatal temperature for bed bugs.

It’s important to note that while there are several bed bug pest control techniques individuals can use on their own, the most effective way to eliminate bed bugs is to bring in a Seattle pest control company to resolve the problem safely and efficiently. Above all, toxins should be used only as a last resort and by trained professionals.

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