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Dogs Can Help Sniff Out Seattle Bed Bugs

Turbo Sniff

When it comes to finding those often elusive Seattle bed bugs, the pros don’t need high-tech devices or chemicals. All it takes is a specially trained dog. As tenants and would-be homeowners are encouraged to inspect prospective residences for bed bugs before closing a deal, they can now get the answers they seek in a matter of minutes. A well-trained dog can sniff out a single egg or bed bug, Seattle pest control professionals confirm, with 96 percent accuracy.

About Seattle Bed Bugs

Often the only thing that separates your home from a bed bug infestation is brick and mortar. A crack as small as 1/8 inch is large enough for one of these insects to move into your home. Bed bugs are also notorious hitchhikers that you can accidentally introduce into your home via your luggage, backpack or even coat pockets.

Bed bug eggs are about 1 millimeter in length and look pearly white. Young bed bugs can be just as small and are pale in color. As a Seattle bed bug matures, it becomes brownish-red in color and grows to about the size of an apple seed. Aside from finding itchy spots on your body, signs of a bed bug infestation can include blood-like stains on linens and/or the area around your bed.

What to Do

If you have a bed bug infestation, or have the slightest suspicion of one, call a green Seattle bed bug expert right away. Here at Eden, we have our own bed bug-sniffing dog and are committed to managing bed bug populations in an efficient, responsible and economic manner that limits the risk of parasitism and further infestations.

[ Photo by: turbo.beagle, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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