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Eden Donates Services to Banish Bed Bugs from Elderly Couple’s Home

A Seattle-area couple who could not afford pest control services to eliminate their raging bed bug infestation found relief when the specialists at Eden Advanced Pest Technologies stepped in.

The frail, elderly couple’s bed, sofa, carpeting and other furniture were teeming with bed bugs. Unfortunately, the homeowners didn’t have the means to keep up with their pest control needs. Eden technician Michele Cruzat’s heart broke when she learned about the Seattle bed bug infestation, which was the worst case she’d seen in the last couple of years.

After thoroughly evaluating the situation, our pest control experts made the call to provide top-notch bed bug treatment for free in order to eliminate the infestation.

“This is somebody’s grandparents – could be my grandparents, could be your grandparents. And it’s not right they’re having to live in a situation like this,” said Eden branch manager Rob Breznen.

We at Eden wish the best for this couple and hope they continue to live bed bug free.

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