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Do Stink Bug Traps Work?

As the weather warms, all types of critters emerge from their winter siestas with grumbling stomachs. The stink bug is no exception, and pest control service providers warn that traps may not be as effective as you think.

For most Northwest homeowners, stink bugs are only occasional invaders that might make a little noise but generally aren’t a big concern. The most troubling thing about stink bugs from a perspective of Roseburg pest control service is that homeowners sometimes mistake them for cockroaches.

The 411 on Stink Bugs

Stink bugs tend to prefer open areas like fields and meadows, as well as warmer climates. While the Pacific Northwest doesn’t experience year-round 70-degree weather, the conditions in your home and garden are more favorable than in states that experience more snowfall and colder temperatures. When stink bugs arise from their dormant winter state, they are ravenous. This situation makes stink bugs a potential Roseburg pest control problem.  

How Stink Bug Traps Work

Pest control for home use often includes insect traps. Rocket-shaped stink bug traps developed by entomologists lure the pests with a scent. When a stink bug investigates the source of the pleasing smell, it gets trapped and cannot escape. Pest control service experts note, however, that this type of trap only works well when the weather is warm, such as during the summer and early fall.

A popular indoor stink bug trap is one that’s non-toxic and used to trap and kill Asian ladybugs. The trap works by filling a special base with soapy water and a liquid that appears tasty to stink bugs. After attaching a scented lure to the top of the base and turning on a black light, bugs attracted to smell and light drown in the soapy mixture. This trap can be effective if you leave the light on 24 hours a day and keep the room dark.

Another type of stink bug trap uses sticky fly paper-like materials that may or may not use a light to lure the pests. Roseburg pest control professionals, however, advise that these types of traps often do not work because stink bugs know how to stay away from the sticky portions.

The Most Effective Solution

The long and short of it is, trusting a trap to take care of a stink bug problem is a gamble, and the odds are against you. In fact, because stink bugs are such a rare occurrence in the Northwest and are fairly harmless as far as pests go, a Roseburg pest control service that employs Integrated Pest Management will more than likely advise leaving these bugs alone.

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