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Battling Little Black Ants: Why Over-the-Counter Treatments Don’t Work

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Ants live on every landmass on earth. They only places to which they are not indigenous include Antarctica and a handful of inhospitable, remote islands. Unfortunately, because of the way these critters operate, once your home is infested with little black ants it will remain infested until you call in a Roseburg pest control service.

It’s only natural to want to get rid of these six-legged annoyances as quickly as you can, but the over-the-counter solutions you’ll find at home improvement stores and supermarkets can actually make the problem worse. For lasting ant pest control, Roseburg residents should tackle an ant infestation by calling in the pros.

Little Black Ant Nesting Strategy

Little black ants are sometimes called “budding ants” because they can have more than one queen and multiple connected nesting sites around your house. There might be one queen for every nesting site; multiple queens within one nest; or no queen at all in a site.

Why Over-the-Counter Remedies Don’t Work

When a nest becomes inhospitable for an ant queen, she simply leaves. Usually, she starts a new nest close by. Furthermore, OTC poisons are generally too strong to have lasting power. They’ll kill off a large population of the ants and prompt a nest-wide feeding halt so the healthy ants don’t ingest the poison. After the ants feel safe to reemerge, you’ll find them in your home again.

How a Roseburg Pest Control Service Helps

Pest control experts are like super sleuths who can find how the ants are entering your home, uncover some of their unusual nesting sites and create barriers. We have access to special ant control baits and repellants that help provide a long-term solution to stop current and prevent future infestations. Plus, our control methods are safe for your family members and pets.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your little black ant nightmare.

[ Photo by: hoyasmeg, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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