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Is Your Birdfeeder Causing a Rodent Problem?


Is your home clean enough to host the Queen of England at any given moment, yet still seems to attract rodents? If so, your Eugene pest control company may advise you to take a look at your birdfeeder. It’s possible that effective rodent pest control can be as simple as taking a break from feeding the birds.

Rodents and the Attraction to Birdfeeders

Rodents aren’t lured by the seeds inside the feeder. What attracts them instead is the waste produced – bird droppings, seeds and their shells. If this waste falls to the ground, rodents see it as an open invitation to come to your home.

Getting rid of the source of your problem doesn’t mean you have to compromise your bird-watching activities forever. This type of rodent pest control means you need to give mice and rats time to look somewhere new for a meal.

Remedying a Birdfeeder Problem

1. Remove the birdfeeder (or feeders) from your property.

2. Place any uneaten birdseed in a lidded glass, metal or plastic container.

3. Wait a few weeks for the rodents to find somewhere new to dine.

4. Replace your old feeder with one that has a catch tray that will collect fallen seeds, shells and droppings (or make a catch tray you can use with your current birdfeeder).

5. Line the catch tray with newspaper.

6. Replace the newspaper every night.

During the weeks that the birdfeeder is on hiatus, practice rodent pest control by keeping your landscape manicured. If you have a garden or fruit-bearing trees, avoid leaving out rotten or overripe produce. Furthermore, make sure all the outside garbage cans are covered with lids. When you take away the birdseed, rodents will look for other sources of food around your property.

For additional help with a rodent problem, contact a Eugene pest control company. The experts can assist by using techniques that will keep your family, pets and the birds safe. 

[ Photo by: sylvester75117, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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