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Top 3 Culprits in Restaurant Pest Control


Restaurants that receive an “A” from the county health department aren’t necessarily those that are in the best neighborhoods or boast expensive menu prices. Establishments that receive this grade are those that practice the best restaurant pest control techniques and have the best sanitary conditions. When there is negligence in pest control, restaurant owners can expect to grapple with a variety of pests. Here’s a look at the top three pests that tend to plague restaurants.

1. Cockroaches

Cockroaches can be a restaurant pest control nightmare because these insects thrive on the buffets that food service establishments offer. The reason roaches top this list is because of their difficulty to control, particularly in a restaurant setting. Many chemicals used to control cockroaches cannot be used near food. Even after taking the proper steps to sanitize a restaurant and eliminate exposed sources of food, roaches can survive for several days without food or water. After cleaning and sealing all the cracks in the walls, baits and traps have to be limited to areas where there is no risk of any possible food contamination.

2. Flies

Flies are fast and annoying. They stealthily buzz into a restaurant whenever they see a door open – which is often, in successful establishments. The best method of fly pest control restaurant employees can use is top-notch sanitation and self-closing doors.

3. Rodents

Most customers can handle seeing a fly buzzing around. A scurrying rodent, on the other hand, is the best and most reliable way to send your patrons out the door for good. Rodents are one of the worst pests to have in a restaurant but are among the simplest to prevent with restaurant pest control practices. By sealing all the cracks in interior and exterior walls, leaving the lids on outside dumpsters locked, keeping food stored in gnaw-proof containers and never leaving food waste in any part of the restaurant at closing time, a restaurant owner may never have to deal with a rodent problem.

When it comes to pest control, restaurant managers have to stay on top of keeping sanitary conditions at A-plus levels. It is also to an owner’s advantage to schedule regular pest control maintenance and inspections to discourage unwelcome, freeloading guests.

[ Photo by: nicephore, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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