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Mice Rodent Pest Control Seattle and Portland

Looking for a rodent & mice pest control exterminator near
Portland Oregon or Seattle Washington?

It’s that time of year again … mice, rats, rodents. Whichever pest is plaguing you and your home, you
likely need a qualified pest control exterminator to handle the problem.

By the end of the year, as the weather gets cooler, an estimated 21 MILLION homes in the United States will
be host to invading rodents seeking food and shelter. If you live near Seattle, WA or
Portland, OR, you are certainly no exception. Once entrenched, these
disease-carrying pests can cause extensive damage to both your health (rodents, such as a deer
, are known to spread infections such as Salmonella, Hantavirus and Leptospirosis/Weil’s
disease) and home (rodents’ sharp teeth can gnaw through plastic, cables, wood doors and even mild steel).
According to the CDC, rodent control in and around the home remains the primary strategy for preventing hantavirus
infection.  DO NOT WAIT if you suspect that your household is infested with mice, rats, rodents, etc.

How do I know if I have rodents or mice or rats?

Depending on which rodent has invaded your home, you will usually detect signs that indicate you have
unwanted guests.

There are a few signs you can look for to detect a mouse infestation. Small droppings will be the first one.
They are usually rod shaped, black and between three and six millimetres long.

Rat tracks can appear on dusty surfaces or in mud. The Norway
, along with roof rats and house mice, are known as commensal rodents. The largest of these
rodents, Norway rats consume and contaminate large quantities of food each year. They also damage structures
and even cause fires by gnawing on electrical wiring.

Many rodents will run or climb through your walls or attic, which you will oftentimes hear.

How do I eliminate rodents from my home?

Elimination of mice requires an integrated, customized plan. While each plan is unique to each structure,
there are common elements: remove rodents through material application and/or traps; address biohazard
created by their feces and urine; and modify the structure to prevent future access. Following an
inspection, your technician can provide you with a strategy and written bid for abatement.

Again, exclusion is the key. Following a thorough inspection, all access points would be sealed,
contamination removed from your crawl space and/or attic, and traps set in areas of interior activity. For
outside rodent populations, your technician may install locked rodent bait stations, which are secured to
the ground.

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