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Residential Pest Control Terror: Top Spider Movies of All Time

Barn Spider-upside downDespite the fact that they’re masterful weavers who reduce the overall pest population, spiders are definitely some of the least popular bugs in the world. Their hairy bodies and alien eyes make them the stuff of nightmares for most people, which accounts for why spiders are often cast as the monsters in terror movies.

Another reason why Hollywood loves arachnids is that very basic photography effects can blow them up to huge proportions on the big screen. Below, we’ve listed three of the top movies featuring spiders. If watching these films has you screaming for a home pest inspection, call your local pest control company; Salem, Oregon and other Northwest cities have plenty of options when it comes to residential pest control.

1. Arachnophobia (1990)

Spider movies don’t usually have the kind of complex plot that shines in Arachnophobia. The story begins in a Venezuelan jungle, where researchers find two specimens of a new spider species. One of the spiders bites a researcher, who dies. The other spider hitches a ride in the researcher’s coffin back to his hometown of Canaima, Calif. Coincidentally, a very arachnophobic Dr. Ross Jennings has just moved into the same town. People begin dying all over Canaima, and no one knows why. The action follows Dr. Jennings and others who eventually trace the deaths to the Venezuelan spider. It turns out that this species is mating with common house spiders to create offspring deadly enough to take down humans. In other words, the Venezuelan monster is trying to take over the world.

Arachnophobia is a boon for every pest control company. Salem witch trials, the shower scene in psycho, and the numerous spider-induced deaths in Arachnophobia – these are the kinds of horrific visions that never leave one’s brain. Such fear can certainly induce people to call for a home pest inspection to wipe out all spiders – even if most arachnids are actually helpful to humans in that they kill the flying pests we find irritating.

2. Charlotte’s Web (1973, 2006)

The animated film and its 2006 update may not be the highest-grossing spider movies ever made, but they are probably the most beloved. Charlotte the loquacious farm spider saves Wilbur the pig. She weaves messages such as “Some Pig” into her web to convince the farmer not to send Wilbur to the slaughterhouse. This movie is probably the most compelling argument that residential pest control should not include squishing spiders.

3. Tarantula (1955)

Perhaps the inspiration for the 2002 comedy horror piece Eight-Legged Freaks, Tarantula is the kind of corny, dated science fiction film that makes modern viewers roll their eyes to the point of self-injury. Set in and around laboratories in the Arizona desert, Tarantula follows the path of destruction wrought by a certain Dr. Deemer’s unholy experiments. Deemer is attempting to create a rapid-growth serum, and apparently he has had some success. His formula brings a rabbit to full maturity in just six days, for instance.

The problem is that Deemer’s assistants are getting careless – injecting themselves with the serum and turning into monsters. A tarantula escapes the lab during the chaos induced by one of these monsters. As the film unfolds, the tarantula grows and grows until it is the size of a mountain in the final scenes. In the end, the Air Force saves the town by dropping missiles and napalm on the enormous arachnid.

No pest control company – Salem, Oregon to Salem, Massachusetts – would try to convince modern viewers that this sort of thing could happen to your average tarantula. Instead, a residential pest control expert might point out that a tarantula could never kill a human, although its venom can cause painful swelling.

Watching movies like Tarantula and Arachnophobia can make anyone wish to eliminate spiders from one’s residence. To prevent spiders from infesting your home, make sure you’ve sealed all cracks on your home’s exterior. This will bar spiders from entering your home in the first place. (It’s also a good idea to keep doors and windows closed whenever possible, unless you have a secure screening system.)  You should also make regular rounds of your home to knock down any spider webs under windows or near doors. Spiders will give up and find new places to build their webs if they are consistently destroyed.

In addition to preventing spiders from entering your home, you can inhibit spider infestations by reducing the amount of spider food near your home’s entrances. Turn off outdoor lights whenever they’re not in use – this will cut down on the amount of spider chow that’s attracted to your door.  Finally, if the spiders in your home are out of your control, or you just don’t have time to deal with spider eradication, call a residential pest control specialist. A pest control professional can conduct a weekly home pest inspection, including knocking down webs and taking other actions to reduce spider populations.

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