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The 3 Scariest Home Pests You Could Encounter

FlyHalloween is just around the corner. But before you focus all of your attention on ghouls and ghosts, remember that some of the scariest creatures are the ones that could be lurking in your home.

Residential pest control is a big deal when you consider that your home is not only an investment but the seat of your family’s safety and security. Local pest control companies can help you eliminate the scariest of pests, but what if the pests you think are scariest are actually not the worst?

In fact, as many Portland pest control companies can attest, the household pests people fear most are actually not the most threatening. Here are three common pests you should be scared of:

1. Cockroaches. If there’s a small, potentially deadly insect lurking in a dark corner of your basement, it’s probably not a black widow spider; rather, it’s more likely to be a cockroach. Besides being possible carriers of common bacteria, cockroaches can be real trouble for people with allergies, and cockroach infestations can put asthma sufferers at serious risk. If you or your children have serious allergic reactions of any kind, call your local pest control company at the first sign of a cockroach.

2. House flies. You wouldn’t think so, but the house fly is another of the more dangerous household pests. Residential pest control experts are often called in for larger, scarier-looking pests, but the household fly is threatening in a non-visual way.

Multiple kinds of diseases can be transmitted from flies to humans (or to mammals such as your pet dog or cat). Examples include typhoid, tuberculosis and diarrhea, to name a few of the worst. Other kinds of milder bacterial infections can also be carried by house flies, and an unchecked fly infestation can lead to serious food and garbage contamination, including maggots. If you do develop an out-of-control fly problem, contact your local pest control service for a non-toxic solution.

3. Mosquitoes. When it comes to residential pest control, late spring and early summer bring out the most dangerous pests. The plain and simple fact is that mosquitoes are some of the deadliest pests that can infest the areas around your home.

Much like tiny vampires, they can cause serious problems with a single bite. This is because, as Portland pest control professionals know, mosquitoes can carry deadly diseases, including malaria, encephalitis and the West Nile virus. Unlike flies, they tap directly into your bloodstream. Get your fill of chills this Halloween, but don’t forget that the worst of pests will rear its ugly head again next spring.

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