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Rentokil’s Eric Braun Featured in PCT Post ‘State of the Global Bed Bug Industry’ Discussed in Denver

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Eden Pest provides beg bug control services on behalf of the international company Rentokil in Oregon and Washington. In December 2013, one of Rentokil’s bed bug professionals, Eric Braun, presented a case study about some of the most challenging bed bug jobs at the Global Bed Bug Summit in Denver, Colorado. The PCT website discussed the summit in a December 2013 blog post and highlighted Braun’s findings.

About the Global Bed Bug Summit in Denver

The week-long bed bug summit’s main focus was on the progress of the battle against this pest, which re-emerged in the mid-2000s. Washington and Oregon pest control service professionals agree with the summit’s findings that bed bugs are the top problem handled by pest professionals around the world.

The summit highlighted that pests are most often found in hotels and motels, college dorms, nursing homes, office buildings, schools and daycare centers.

Braun’s Case Study

The PCT blog post featured Braun’s case study along with the studies of two other bed bug control specialists. Braun reported that one of the biggest bed bug-related challenges that he’s faced is client clutter because it posed problems in regards heat treatments. To overcome this challenge, his company took the following steps:

  • Optimizing airflow by arranging clutter.
  • Searching for cold spots in the clutter.
  • Extending hold times.
  • Heating individual objects.

Bed bugs are pests that always require the help of a professional to control as chemical treatments sold on the market to lay consumers are often ineffective. Eden Pest is the Oregon and Washington pest control service that Rentokil recommends for Pacific Northwest home- and business owners.

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[ Photo by: USDAgov, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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