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Puyallup Pest Control Services

Just because the name Puyallup translates as “the generous people” doesn’t mean local residents have to open their homes to pests. When rats, mice, ants, roaches and other critters try to take advantage Puyallup’s neighborly atmosphere, Eden Advanced Pest Technologies can help homeowners shut them out safely and effectively. We offer:


Residential Pest Control

Our Puyallup pest control services include natural, eco-friendly practices that keep pest populations down with minimal use of chemicals. In a city that’s home to the first green-built medical facility in the state – and where rain gardens thrive on both public and private properties – there’s no need to compromise your green values with the old “spray and pray” method of pest control. Puyallup residents who are concerned about pesticides can opt for our Natural Choice Program, which involves using only organic products.


Commercial Pest Control

Commercial facilities also benefit from Eden’s environmentally conscious approach to pest control. Puyallup facility managers can satisfy both government regulations and public perception by implementing our Integrated Pest Management program, a proactive pest control strategy that utilizes low-risk tactics for outstanding results.


Our Puyallup pest control experts are committed to helping homeowners and business managers achieve lasting, long-term results. Contact us for help with ALL of your pest-related concerns.

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