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Puyallup Pest Control Tips for Rodent Proofing

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When homeowners suspect a rodent infestation, they don’t often think to contact a pest control company. Tacoma and Puyallup residents often opt instead for DIY solutions, such as poisons. The use of dangerous chemicals can backfire, however, especially if you have pets, children or backyard visitors you enjoy – these can accidentally fall victim to over-the-counter pest remedies.

Puyallup pest control experts offer the following tips to help you prevent an infestation in urban suburban and rural areas:

Rodent-proof your kitchen and garbage cans:

  • Always use tight-fitting lids on all outdoor trashcans and on indoor trashcans used for food waste.
  • Place outdoor trashcans on a 12-inch (or taller) platform; make sure the platform is at least 24 inches away from walls and structures from which a rodent may leap.
  • Periodically rinse out your garbage cans.
  • Avoid leaving food, including pet food, out in the open.

Keep your yard tidy:

  • Pick up pet waste from your yard.
  • Pick up fallen fruits and vegetables from your garden.
  • Cut back overhanging tree branches and keep shrubs pruned.
  • Keep your landscape weeded and your lawn mowed.
  • Keep woodpiles away from your home and at least 12 inches off the ground.
  • Replace your traditional bird feeder with one that has a tray that catches fallen seeds, shells and bird droppings.

Eliminate entry points and water sources:

  • Repair or seal holes on the exterior of your home, including the foundation.
  • Fix leaky pipes in and around your property.
  • Repair or replace window and door screens that are torn or broken.

Rodent problems can quickly get out of control. If you see a furry pest in your home, reach for the phone instead of the bait and call a Puyallup pest control company that uses green techniques. These experts can effectively control and prevent the re-infestation of rodents using methods that keep your pets, family and backyard guests safe.

[ Photo by: Dano, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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