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Puyallup Pest Control Company Promotes Pest-Free Labor Day

The picnic spread

It’s amazing how something as small as a grain of rice can ruin a Labor Day celebration. As many as 74 percent of Americans host barbeques to celebrate this and other summer holidays; unfortunately, the delicious food and drinks attract more than just guests. Pests enjoy crashing parties – especially outdoor parties – and Puyallup pest control companies warn that pests send more than a half million people to the emergency room each year.

Common Labor Day Pests and How to Keep Them Away

Mosquitoes: Keep these bloodsucking insects away from you by wearing insect repellant. Then make your home unattractive to mosquitoes by eliminating any standing water from around the home, including small puddles, birdbaths, water features, gutters and potted plants.

Flies and stinging insects: Tacoma residents can keep flies and other flying insects away from food by simply serving food and beverages indoors (reserving the outdoor space for entertaining and eating) and using lids on all trashcans. If you are in a picnic area, use mesh tents over the food to keep flies off. Serve beverages in glasses or clear containers so you can see if a stinging insect is floating in the drink before taking a sip.

Ants: One of the ultimate scavengers, ants sometimes pick up the crumbs before your party is over. To keep them away, avoid sitting near trailing ants and their mounds, and quickly clean up any spilled food and beverages.

The Natural Choice Program

Despite your best pest prevention efforts, there are times when you may need the more professional approach of a pest control company. Tacoma and Puyallup residents looking for green pest control services may be interested in our Natural Choice Program, which works with nature, not against it, by using the most effective tactics that pose the lowest risk to your family, pets and the environment. This sustainable approach to pest management offers a long-term approach that focuses on the underlying cause of a pest problem, not just masking the symptoms.

[ Photo by: happyskrappy, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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