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Portland Rodent Control: How to Determine if You Have a Rat Problem

Banksy Rat Plaster

Rats are one of the most problematic pests in the U.S. Portland rodent control specialists explain that rodents damage property, contaminate food and spread diseases. When it comes to local rodent control, Portland residents and business owners have to deal with two non-native species – the Norway rat and the roof rat. By knowing the signs of a rat problem around your home or business, you can quickly take measures to control the problem with the help of a specialist.

Signs of an Infestation in Your Home or Business

Rodent droppings: Unlike mice, rats tend to eliminate waste in certain areas of a building. A dropping is smaller than a paper clip, about the size of an olive pit.

Scratching sounds: Rats tend to navigate buildings via spaces inside the walls and ceiling. If you have a rat problem, you may hear scratching noises in the wall or above your head.  

Smooth holes: Rats make smooth-looking holes in yards. If you fill a hole and it reappears, you may have a rat problem or a break in your sewer line – both concerns worth investigating.

Chewed wires: Rats like to gnaw on everything, including electrical wires. If you find a wire stripped of outer insulation, exposing the copper wiring, you most likely have a rodent problem.

Pest Control: Portland Rat Prevention

Making your home or office seem unfriendly to rats is the best way to prevent an infestation. The following are simple techniques everyone can use to deter rodent trespassers.

Block entrances.

  • Seal holes around the exterior of the building that are ¼ inch or larger.
  • Fix or replace broken screens on windows and doors.

Store food securely.

  • Never leave food out in the open.
  • Store pantry items in metal, glass or hard plastic containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Avoid leaving out pet food.
  • Immediately clean up spills and crumbs.

Maintain a tidy landscape.

  • Keep the landscape weeded, mowed and free of debris.
  • Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed, and cut back branches that overhang the building.
  • Pick up any fruits, vegetables or berries that fall to the ground.

Make trash cans inaccessible.

  • Elevate your outdoor trash cans and keep them away from tables, chairs and piles of clutter.
  • Always use the lid on outdoor trash cans.

Keep a clean home and office.

  • Regularly vacuum, dust and take out the garbage.
  • Wash dirty dishes daily.
  • Avoid clutter.

If you suspect you have a rat problem, call a Portland rodent control expert like Eden Pest right away. Let the pros handle the problem so you can reduce your risk of exposure to the diseases rats can carry.

[ Photo by: Infrogmation, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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