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Prep Your Fruit Trees in Fall with Portland Pest Control Tips

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When you think of a Portland pest control service, it’s natural to think of pests that affect the home or office. Portland pest control experts can also help with outdoor pests that cause infestations of various sizes in trees. If you have any fruit trees on your landscape, preparing them in the fall can minimize the risk of an infestation during the growing season. By using green pest prevention practices and abstaining from the use of pesticides, you can enjoy the fruit right off the tree.

Common Pests and the Fruit Trees They Love

Cherry fruit fly: Found on cherry trees, the cherry fruit fly lays its eggs on the actual fruit. When the maggot hatches, it feeds on the fruit.

Apple maggot: Preferring apple trees, apple maggots appear when the trees start to develop fruit in the summer.

Codling moth: This moth lays its eggs on the fruit of quince, pear and apple trees. When the eggs hatch, the larvae tunnel into the fruit. When fruit is infested, you’ll find excrement on the inside and outside.

Preventing an Infestation without Pesticides

Fall is the ideal time to begin your prevention strategy against fruit-loving pests because it’s the best time to clean the area around the tree. During this time, dropped fruit may contain eggs, cocoons and larvae. Furthermore, the pests are more inactive and vulnerable when the weather is cool.

Preventative care is more effective than battling an infestation. Keep pests away from your trees by:

  • Fertilizing and watering them properly.
  • Pruning the trees as appropriate.
  • Removing old fruit from the branches and ground and eliminating diseased leaves and branches.
  • Welcoming the help of beneficial insects and natural enemies of the pests.
  • Monitoring the pests that frequent your fruit trees to learn which appear and when.

Portland Pest Control

Several counties in Oregon and Washington have ordinances that require you to treat your trees to help prevent the spread of insects and diseases to commercial orchards. A Portland pest control service can tell you if such an ordinance applies to you. If you don’t have experience treating your trees to prevent an infestation, play it safe and let the pros do it for you. Green Portland pest control companies, like Eden, use the safest methods available to keep you, your family and your trees safe. Call us to learn more.

[ Photo by: Avia Venefica, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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