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Lack of Bug Control Can Attract Other House Pests in Portland

When it comes to Portland pest control, many bug problems go unaddressed because the homeowners either didn’t notice the infestation or weren’t bothered enough to take action. However, just because the presence of insects isn’t bugging you doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem.

Think of bugs as “gateway” pests: Their presence in your home can open up the door for other, larger nuisances, such as rodents. The following is a look at how the lack of bug control can lead to a bigger Portland rodent control problem.

Bugs and Rodents Go Where the Food Is

Rats, mice and other larger pests are opportunists. If a cozy abode with a plentiful food source presents itself, they will seize the opportunity to move in. And what constitutes a food source? In many cases, it’s the same thing that has attracted bugs to your house.

Dirty dishes; food that has been left out; pantry items that aren’t sealed in airtight containers; and crumbs that fall into cracks, get swept under furniture or become embedded in carpeting provide a feast for rodents as well as for bugs. Thus, if you don’t call in a Portland pest control company to help you address the problem that led to the bug infestation in the first place, larger pests such as mice and rats may decide to take up residence under your roof because they know a meal is always close at hand. In the Pacific Northwest, homeowners can easily end up with a Portland rodent control problem as a result.

While most bugs may be relatively harmless, rodents can carry and transmit dangerous diseases. Additionally, the lack of Portland pest control can result in structural damage to your home; spoiled food; noises that will keep you up at night; and foul odors that the strongest air freshener cannot alleviate.

Prevention is the Best Form of Portland Rodent Control

When homeowners think about Portland rodent control, they generally associate it with something you do once there is already a problem. But the most effective means of control is prevention; keeping pests from infesting your home in the first place is much easier than trying to root them out once they’ve established a colony. The same techniques that keep bug populations down will also help homeowners take a proactive approach to Portland rodent control.

Pest prevention can be as simple as never leaving food out in the open; regularly vacuuming; throwing away your trash in lidded receptacles; keeping your yard mowed and weeded; and storing firewood far away from your house. As soon as you suspect any uninvited critters are sharing your space, contact a Portland pest control service to inspect your home, identify problem areas and help control the situation before it leads to a larger infestation.

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