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Thanksgiving & Pest Safety: Keeping Rodents Away from the Turkey

Thanksgiving Table

Imagine preparing the perfect Thanksgiving meal. You spend the whole weekend cleaning the house and stay up all Wednesday night refining your menu items for the next day. On Thursday, everything goes according to your plans. The food is almost done, but you forgot to grab the heirloom serving dish you keep tucked away at the back of your pantry.

Being the helpful woman she is, your mother-in-law offers to retrieve it… and brings it to you with a look of disgust. There are rodent droppings on the dish. Then, when you sit down for dinner and the family has a moment of silence, you hear one of your worst nightmares – rodents scurrying and squeaking inside your walls.

Last fall, we reviewed how to avoid pantry pests around Thanksgiving. This year we will explore the rodent side of Thanksgiving pest control.

Thanksgiving Pest Prevention

Any Portland pest control service will tell you that effective rodent pest control begins with prevention – taking action before there’s a problem. There are two effective ways to do this:

1. Seal all cracks on the exterior of your home. Mice can fit through cracks that are as small as a ¼ inch. Inspect the exterior of your home, including the roofline, and seal the cracks with caulk. Do the same in your garage and basement. Pay particular attention to areas where there are pipes, vents or openings for electrical wires.

2. Keep your home clean. Maintain a regular cleaning schedule and avoid leaving food out in the open. During the busy holidays, it may be tempting to let a bit of spilled juice or a few cookie crumbs sit overnight. The problem with this is that pests will view any accessible food as an open invitation to your feast.

If you think you may have a rodent problem in your home, don’t wait to call a pest control company (especially if you plan to host the Turkey Day dinner). Eden Pest offers free inspections and green pest control services that can help put your mind at ease so you can worry about more important things during the holidays.

[ Photo by: vxla, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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