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Portland Pest Control Company Makes Summer Travel Safer


One of the simplest ways to ruin the fond memories of a vacation is to bring home a bed bug or two. With bed bug infestations so prevalent across the U.S. (yes, even in hotels), your local Portland pest control company wants to help you come home from your summer travels with only souvenirs and fond memories. While it might seem odd to associate vacations with pest control, Portland residents can greatly benefit from being too careful.

Why Worry?

Bed bugs are carriers of more than 28 disease pathogens. While transmission from bed bug to human is highly unlikely, an infestation can be difficult to overcome. Bed bugs do bite, and the reaction from the bite varies from person to person. If you are allergic to a bed bug’s saliva, the bites can cause severely itchy, rash-like symptoms. Since hundreds of bed bugs can infest a home, the humans and pets within it become a nightly meal. Consequently, sleep loss is often reported because of the anxiety associated with the infestation.

How to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home

1. Checkout to learn if the hotels in your destination have had recent bed bug reports. If possible, choose a hotel that uses special anti-bed bug mattress encasements.

2. Use a luggage liner specifically made to keep bed bugs out of your suitcase and clothes, and keep your luggage off the floor and chairs. Keep your belongings within the liners at all times, and use a bed bug-proof laundry bag for your dirty clothes. The special liner and laundry bag help you identify and contain any hitchhikers so they don’t move into other parts of your home after the trip.

3. Inspect your room. Use a flashlight and inspect your hotel room for signs of a bed bug infestation around the mattress, upholstered furniture, box springs, headboards, drawers, closets and wall hangings. Such signs can include dried blood spots, molted bed bug shells, dark fecal spots, insects and bed bug eggs (which resemble small, translucent grains of rice).

4. Inspect your luggage before going home. If you find a hitchhiker, consider leaving your suitcase and clothes at the hotel. After all, it’s cheaper to buy new clothes and suitcases than to pay a Portland pest control company.

5. Wash your clothes and luggage in hot water, and dry them in extreme heat. Bed bugs can’t survive temperatures higher than 140 degrees. 

If you notice or suspect a bed bug infestation in your home, call a Portland pest control company ASAP. The professionals here at Eden will inspect your home free of charge. If bed bugs are detected, our Bed Bug Response Plan involves safe, effective solutions based on scientific knowledge to help control the problem. 

[ Photo by: Highways Agency, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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