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Eden Donates Time to Eliminate Bed Bugs from Hoarder’s Apartment

Getting rid of a pest infestation from a hoarder’s home is a difficult and time-consuming challenge that few Portland pest control companies are willing to take on. However, when Multnomah County Developmental Disabilities Services Division contacted us recently about an elderly hoarder who was moving from her bed bug infested apartment into a disability care center, members of our staff stepped up to not only clean out the apartment, but to help the Portland resident through the psychological steps of the cleaning process.

With our cutting-edge bed bug pest control system – including heat treatments and our bed bug detection dog, Spring – we not only eliminated bed bugs from the apartment, but we cleaned all of the resident’s belongings and transported them to a storage facility.

To find out more about this challenging but rewarding Portland pest control call, view our full press release.

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