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Portland Bird Control News: Geese are Getting Out of Hand


Once listed as an endangered species, protective measures helped the threatened Canadian goose population thrive and grow. The waterfowl is so abundant that Portland pest management experts receive calls from property owners seeking solutions. With the messes that geese leave behind requiring bird control, Portland tapped into some creative solutions.

Portland Pest Management: Geese Causing a Messy Situation

A Canadian goose can eat up to 4 pounds of grass per day and leave 3 pounds of droppings. This is problematic for places with large grassy areas because the cost to replenish the lawn and clean droppings takes time and money that may not be in the budget. Recently, a crew of people took six hours to rake droppings off the grass at Portland’s Tom McCall Waterfront Park so visitors could sit in the grass.

In addition to being messy and smelly, bird droppings pose health-related problems and can damage property. Large goose populations can also harm watersheds as their droppings promote the growth of harmful algae blooms that harm fish. At airports, when a goose has an accidental encounter with an aircraft, it can turn into a deadly situation for the bird and those in the plane.

Bird Control Techniques

One of the latest effective ways that Portland-area property owners control goose populations is with the help of shepherding dogs, like border collies. The collies enthusiastically chase the birds away. The dogs never harm the birds; they just scare them, making the area seem less hospitable.

You can help keep Canadian goose populations under control by:

  • Not feeding the waterfowl at parks or other places you see them.
  • Modifying potential perches to prevent roosting and nesting.
  • Blocking access to areas with nets.
  • Keeping the areas that birds visit clean and sanitary.

When there’s a need for bird control, Portland residents may not realize that pest control companies like Eden can help. Eden specializes in bird abatement that’s effective, aesthetically pleasing and humane. It also offers clean-up services that meet OSHA standards.

Call Eden today to learn more about its bird control services.

[ Photo by: fauxto_digit , on Flickr, via CC License ]

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