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Why Bed Bugs are like Vampires

Bed bug bites visible hours after feedingHalloween is a time to celebrate our cultural history, lore and community – and cringe in terror from things that bite in the night. But as you pull out the garlic and crosses to ward off vampires, don’t forget to keep an eye out for nocturnal biters that may be hiding right in your bedroom: bed bugs.

In cities such as Portland, bed bugs are a real problem. Portland pest control professionals are getting an increasing number of calls about these nuisance pests, and unless effective bed bug pest control measures are taken, they can multiply rapidly and make bedtime a real nightmare.

In fact, bed bugs share a lot of similarities with vampires, including:

They’re nocturnal parasites.

Portland bed bugs, like vampires, hide in dark places (such as your mattress) and generally only come out at night. Catching a glimpse of one is like trying to spot a vampire in a mirror; surprise them by turning the lights on, and they’ll disappear faster than you can blink.

If you find yourself itching a lot and waking up with small bug bites on exposed parts of your body, then you may have a bed bug problem. While they’re not considered harmful to humans, excessive bed bug bites can cause skin irritations as well as psychological and allergic reactions. If you suspect an infestation, don’t panic; a Portland pest control provider can eliminate your bed bugs in a safe and efficient manner.

They want to suck your blood.

Like vampires, bed bugs also suck your blood in order to survive. Because they move around at night, they will seek you out by your heat, like infrared. The source of that heat, of course, is the blood pumping through your body while you sleep! Because you are sleeping, you make an easy meal. If you find small red dots on your sheets or pillows, that’s almost a sure sign you need either vampire or bed bug pest control.

They are hard to kill.

A vampire is essentially invincible unless you can expose him to sunlight or drive a stake through his chest. Bed bugs, too, are hard to eliminate. For one thing, Portland bed bugs can survive for more than a year without food. The best way to kill these pests, as any bed bug pest control company can attest, is to blast them with enough heat (120 degrees Fahrenheit) to destroy them at all stages of life.

Fortunately, you don’t have to battle bed bugs alone; Portland pest control companies are here to help. If you suspect you have bed bugs, contact a local professional for an inspection and treatment.

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