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Portland and the Box Elders: Not a Band but a Problem

Western Box Elder BugCome fall, you may start to notice visitors of the six-legged variety. One such visitor is the western box elder beetle. This bug has a black slender body with bright red-colored veins in its wings.

During the fall, the western box elder beetle is harmless because all it wants to do is find a place to hibernate during the winter. Portland pest control experts get called out the most during the spring when the beetles flock back outside and start eating again. Their favorite foods include the sap, seeds, flowers and foliage of the bigleaf maple, box elder tree, goldenrain tree and western soapberry tree. You may even spot them eating discarded food, so keep your garbage cans covered.

The Portland pest control experts at Eden Pest share that you can keep the beetle out of your home by using weather stripping and sealing cracks around doors, windows and the house’s roofline. If you find yourself with an infestation, the Eden team will identify that access points that the bugs used to get into your home and remove the pests.

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