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Pest Solutions for Gnats

Gnats are one of the most common household pests – not to mention one of the most annoying. Even though they’re harmless, they breed incredibly quickly (one gnat can lay up to 300 eggs in its four-month lifespan) and are extremely hard to get rid of.

So what’s a homeowner to do? The best way to fight a gnat infestation is to understand gnat behavior and implement preventive pest control solutions.

Why do I have gnats?

Gnats are attracted to decomposing materials. In the home, this most commonly takes the form of fruit, compost piles, garbage and even dying house plants. They also are attracted to sources of water and can be found in bathrooms and near kitchen sinks. Most homeowners will face a gnat problem at some point. Unprepared homeowners, however, will face a much larger one.

Are there different kinds of gnats?

Yes. There are two main types of gnats; fruit flies and fungus gnats. As you can guess, fruit flies are attracted to rotting food sources, while fungus gnats love stagnant water.

How can I get rid of gnats?

The best way to avoid a gnat infestation is to regularly empty your trash, keep a clean kitchen and bathroom, and avoid over-watering plants. Gnats are nearly impossible to avoid entirely, but cutting back the places and amount of time they have to breed will significantly lessen the infestation. If you have a serious problem that you can’t get rid of on your own, contact a professional pest control company.

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