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Pest Prevention: Why Cleaning Your Gutters Can Help

You’ve probably heard roofing companies and landscape designers tell you the importance of clean gutters, but did you know that a clear-running gutter system is also a great preventive pest control method?

Clogged gutters can create ideal breeding grounds for many types of home pests, as well as cause structural damage to your home. The following are the top pests that can thrive on clogged gutters, as well as some tips on knowing when it’s time for a gutter cleaning.

What pests are attracted to clogged gutters?


Mosquitoes love standing water. It provides them with an ideal breeding ground and easy access to their favorite meal – you. Keeping a clean gutter system will lessen the amount of mosquitoes you see during the warm seasons.


Leaves, yard debris and dirt can collect in your gutters and create a cozy little home for an ant colony. Certain species of ants prefer to live outdoors but forage for food indoors; a blocked gutter allows them to easily do both.


These harmful pests will do anything for wet, rotting wood, and blocked gutters give them all they could ever want. Not only do termites thrive near the gutters, but water overflow will often drain down the side of a house and create rotting spots near the base, too.

How do I know when to clean my gutters?

You should stick a regular gutter cleaning schedule to ensure effective pest prevention. If you can’t do it regularly, check your downspouts during a rainstorm. If they don’t seem to be flowing well, it’s probably time to clean your gutters. If you live in a two-story house, you can also check your gutters from a window on the second floor.

What do I do if I have a gutter-related infestation?

Cleaning gutters and getting rid of pests on your roof can be dangerous work. For safe and effective pest removal, contact a local pest control company immediately.


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