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Western Box Elder Bug


Adults are approximately ½”, black with red lines.

small box elder bug in seattle wa

Why be concerned?

Box elder bugs, along with ladybugs and cluster flies, enter structures in the fall. They pose no real
problem at this time as they search for dark, undisturbed areas in which to hibernate. The trouble comes
with spring, when they emerge indoors in significant numbers.

What You Can Do

Access prevention, or exclusion, is your best weapon. These insects follow warm air currents, so you can
reduce inviting heat loss and create a physical barrier with weather stripping. Seal crevices along the
roofline and around doors and window frames.

What We Would Do

Your technician can identify access points and provide a bid for exclusion. If exclusion is not feasible or
too costly, Eden offers a fall treatment program aimed at entry prevention. This program uses low impact
materials and application methods available for residential and commercial sites.

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