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Mosquitoes are small, long legged, two winged insects belonging to the order Diptera and the family

The mosquito has four distinct stages in its life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The adult is an active
flying insect, while the larvae and pupae are aquatic and occur only in water.

Adult mosquitoes differ from other flies because they have scales on their wing veins and wing margin, and
they have an elongate proboscis used to bite and draw blood from their host, which is needed for egg

mosquito filled with blood

Why be concerned?

Mosquitoes are more than just a summer nuisance. With one bite, they can transmit life-threatening diseases,
like West Nile virus, malaria or other types of encephalitis. To make matters worse, mosquitoes are highly

What You Can Do

There are some very important things that you can do to limit mosquito breeding on your property. Eliminating
standing water wherever possible is your first step to controlling mosquitoes around your property. Rain
gutters, bird baths, tire swings, potted plant trays, and children’s pools give mosquitoes idea conditions
for laying their eggs. These water sources provide sites for the development of mosquito larvae which leads
to more breeding, biting adult mosquitoes.

Prevention Tips For Homeowners…

What We Would Do

Eden Advanced Pest Technologies specializes in full service integrated mosquito management programs designed
to control nuisance and disease vector mosquitoes, while protecting the natural environment.

Our mosquito surveillance and control programs are designed to show us where the mosquitoes are and in what
numbers to determine if treatment is necessary and precisely where to target and deter mosquitoes from
transmitting the West Nile Virus.

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