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Spring Pest Management Tips for Portland Property Managers

One of the most important responsibilities of a property manager – and one that often goes neglected – is pest control. Much to the inconvenience of tenants, many property managers will call a Portland pest control company only after a pest problem exists. To help maintain the quality of your property, the health of your tenants and the stability of your operating costs, the following tips address preventative pest control for property managers.

Pest control tips for Portland property managers include:

  • Schedule an inspection with a Portland pest control company. The experts can point out vulnerable spots around the property and suggest affordable solutions.
  • Seal all cracks on the exterior walls of the property that are 1/8 inch or larger.
  • Replace broken screens on windows and doors.
  • Do not allow tenants to leave garbage near the property. Make throwing garbage away a simple task by providing plenty of dumpsters in convenient locations.
  • Eliminate sources of standing water, which mosquitoes and other pests love.
  • Regularly clean the gutters.
  • Have the landscape crew trim back trees that overhang the property’s roof.
  • Avoid using mulch or ground cover around the foundation; leave a buffer of at least 15 inches.
  • Encourage tenants to use lidded trash cans inside the home. If possible, provide each tenant with such a trash can to use in the kitchen.
  • Take immediate action if a tenant reports a pest problem. It’s less expensive to take care of pests when there are fewer of them.
  • Provide tenants with information about what they can do to help prevent pests like bed bugs, rodents, ants, mosquitoes and so on.

For more information about pest control for property managers, contact your local Portland pest control company.

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