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Why Pest Control Makes Great Reality TV

Pest control is such a hot topic these days that A&E has created two reality TV shows centered on the subject. First the studded-leather-clad “Billy the Exterminator” debuted in 2009, and now a new series will hit airwaves later this month: “Rambug,” a series about “a brawny group of hard-working, over-the-top Italian exterminators from Brooklyn who dress in camouflage and wage war on the city’s nastiest critters.”

As an Oregon pest control company, we’re always interested in seeing how other professionals handle their area-specific pest problems – and the camo idea is intriguing. What we find really fascinating, however, is that the rest of America seems to be as interested as we are!

The Drama of Man vs. Pest

Over the past decade, reality TV has pitted humans head to head against each other, their own demons, food, the great outdoors, messy homes, unthinkable types of jobs – and now pests. While most people hate dealing with rats, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, bees and other creepy-crawlies, viewers like getting an inside look at the pest control industry without the need to get their own hands dirty.

Of course, the appeal of watching pest control experts do their jobs seems to increase when they dress in camo or leather; exhibit a dramatic family life and back-talking employees; and grabble with pest infestations that the general public doesn’t see on a daily basis.

Are you likely to find the same drama within an Oregon pest control company that you’ll witness on “Billy the Exterminator” or “Rambug”? Not necessarily. Is the real world of pest control just as exciting? Definitely.

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