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Pest Control News: Fumigation Gone Wrong & Why You Should Turn to Integrated Pest Management

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In spring 2015, a Delaware family staying in a luxury villa in the U.S. Virgin Islands fell ill after they were exposed to methyl bromide, a harmful pesticide. A few months later, a 10-year-old boy was hospitalized for two weeks after his family hired an exterminator to fumigate their south Florida home. The boy’s exposure to the sulfuryl fluoride caused acute poisoning. Green pest control companies often hear about unfortunate situations such as these, as poison control centers across the country receive over 90,000 pesticide-related calls per year. Washington and Oregon pest control experts remind the public that there are solutions that work more effectively than harmful toxins and are safer for the environment and your family.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management, or IPM, is a type of green pest control that identifies the source of an infestation and determines a property’s risk and the most effective tactics. Oregon and Washington pest control companies that practice IPM use strategies such as:

  • Physical exclusion
  • Removing nesting sites
  • Modifying habitats
  • Monitoring pest populations
  • Communicating with and educating clients

Physical exclusion is one of the best pest control methods because it’s simpler to keep pests out of a building than it is to remove them. Exclusion methods include sealing a building’s entry points, removing organic matter near a building, and eliminating food and water sources. IPM tactics work with nature instead of against it to prevent re-infestations. When green technicians must use chemical treatments, they use those with the least toxicity in strategic remote strategic locations.

When you experience a pest infestation on your property, look to green pest control instead of extermination. Eden holds a Green Shield Certification and uses its Natural Choice Program to provide clients with lasting pest control. Contact Eden today to schedule a free inspection and estimate.

[Photo by: NY State IPM Prgram at Cornell University via CC License]

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