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Pest Control New Year’s Resolution: Here’s to a Pest-Free 2014!

Happy New Year

One resolution that always pays and is simple to keep is to be pest-free at home and at work. Washington and Oregon pest control experts share the following tips to help you stay on track:

  • Schedule an inspection. Many pest control companies offer free inspections that lend insight into the areas of your property that are vulnerable to an infestation and point out the areas where pests already made a home.
  • Keep a clean home. Pests love messes. In 2014, resolve to dust and clean your floors regularly. Promptly wash dirty dishes. Put away food after meals. Take out the trash. Keep your closets organized. Banish clutter.
  • Mind your pantry. If your pantry is clean and tidy, pests won’t flock to it. Store foods in glass, metal or hard plastic containers with lids. Get rid of expired food. Immediately clean any spilled food.
  • Maintain your yard. Pests enter a building via the landscaping. Make yours unattractive by keeping the lawn trim, getting rid of debris and weeding often. Trim plants, bushes and tree limbs that touch or overhang the roof. If you have a wood pile, keep it high, dry and away from the side of your house.            
  • Seal your house. In addition to improving the energy performance of your home or building, sealing it keeps out pests. Seal cracks on the interior and exterior walls of your house that are as small as a 1/8-inch. Fix broken window and door screens, and make sure the seals are in good condition.
  • Schedule year-round pest control services. Many Oregon and Washington pest control companies offer a maintenance service to homes and businesses that help make pest prevention simpler than ever.

For more prevention tips that are specific to your property and to schedule a free inspection, get in touch with Eden Pest.

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