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Pest Control for Commercial Property Owners: Washington State Licensing Requirements

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Pest control for commercial property applications is an ongoing job. From monitoring and prevention to controlling an infestation, performing due diligence can help keep tenants happy and healthy – and save a property owner money.

Tacoma pest control experts know there are several things commercial property owners and managers can do to keep infestations at bay. Such steps can include taking tenant pest reports seriously, scheduling regular garbage service and performing ongoing landscaping maintenance. However, when it comes to advanced pest control, Tacoma property owners should hire a commercial pest control company.

Hiring a Pest Control Specialist

In the state of Washington, the person you hire to handle pest control for commercial property must have a Pesticide/SPI (Structural Pest Inspector’s) license issued by the state’s Department of Agriculture (WSDA). This license helps ensure that the pest control specialist is familiar with the safest techniques available and knows how to use different commercial pesticide applications appropriately.

Pesticide/SPI Licensing Requirements

Before acquiring a license to become a commercial Tacoma pest control professional, an individual must pass the WSDA pesticide exams. The state offers pre-license training courses, and while the courses are recommended, their completion isn’t a licensing requirement as of January 2013.

After successfully obtaining a Pesticide/SPI license, an individual must renew the license annually. Every five years, the individual must complete the recertification requirements, which include taking WSDA-approved recertification courses.

Furthermore, an individual must also have an active surety bond or liability insurance policy to legally operate as a commercial property pest control service provider. Before hiring a pest control expert for your commercial property needs, it’s a good idea to verify the individual’s license and insurance or bond information with the WSDA to make sure they are in good standing.

To learn more about Tacoma pest control and the commercial services available, contact Eden Pest today.

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