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Organic Pest Control: How You Can Help

Organic Pest Control: How You Can Help

Nowadays, just about everyone is realizing that organic is better. It’s better for our environment, better for our health and can often be the most bang for your buck. Mother Nature does a good job of taking care of herself, and we here at Eden just like to help her along. Of course, we know you’d like to be a part of that – and this blog is here to tell you how!

Any time you have a pest control company come out and talk to you about organic pest control, they shouldn’t just be talking about what they plan on doing. They should be providing you with ways to help yourself – and your immediate environment – out. There are ways you can help your technician keep your environment pest free while sticking to your resolution to duke this out the natural way. Here are some examples (of course, for specific suggestions for your home you can always give us a call!)

  • Water features – so you love the little Zen place in your garden with the bubbly fountain. In the summer, you relax to its calming noise, entranced by the beauty of something as simple as water over rocks. This, however, can also be the source of your distress. In urban settings, clean running water can be a challenge to find for thirsty rodents. A technician dedicated to organic pest control can help you find ways to rodent-proof your favorite spot in the yard. Removing the source of water, or turning it off when it’s not being enjoyed, is usually the first recommendation.
  • Bird feeders – you love nature, you love to preserve it, and you want it in your backyard. A bird feeder can pull in the most beautiful birds for you to enjoy over your first cup of free trade coffee the morning. It can also, unfortunately, pull in hungry little critters that scavenge the remains of seeds and nuts the birds happily consume. Don’t worry – you don’t have to get rid of your bird feeder altogether. Our technicians might recommend that you don’t keep the bird feeder stocked all the time, but rather fill it when you’re all ready to enjoy the show and make sure to clean up the remains before any rodents have a time to find the free meal. Voila, organic pest control measures!
  • Bulk foods – the Co-Op is your best friend. You buy everything in bulk (hey, it’s cheaper!) and keep it in your cupboards to bake up delicious treats for those well-attended functions. Even Rufus, the well-loved family dog, gets bulk dog food. Good job! A good organic technician ought to praise you for your thriftiness and let you know the safest way to keep these treasures: in sealed containers. Bulk goods left in open containers or bags can not only contribute to an infestation of ants or rodents, it can also be the source of a new infestation – Indian meal moths.

These are just a few ways organic pest control can be applied around your home. As with any solid plan of action, cooperation between the technician and the client is an absolute must to maintain a pest free environment. If you’re not sure what else you can do, or would like to ask questions about a specific problem, you can always call us! We love to chat, and we have the time to do it.

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