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Organic Pest Control: Bed Bugs

You’ve heard the bad news. You have bed bugs, and you sure aren’t sleeping tight. This can be a difficult time for a family – especially a family interested in organic pest solutions. Luckily, there are remedies that don’t require the large-scale application of non-organic chemicals, and we’re here to tell you about them.

Bed bugs can be tricky to treat, and often require more than one treatment to resolve. They usually require the attention of a professional (or two) to treat the problem, which can be scary. Whenever we invite professionals of any trade into our home, we like to be well informed of the tools they may use. This blog is meant to do just that – let you know what organic pest control methods we, industry-leaders in bed bug control, offer our customers and what you can expect to hear about while you’re shopping around. Keep in mind; some of these solutions are used simultaneously for an efficient solution.

  • Heat treatment: a bed bug will die when exposed to temperatures in excess of 120°. We can achieve this by heating an entire unit to that temperature, after removing all valuables and materials that may be damaged by the heat. This is by far the most natural, organic method of control. We can also use heat guns to target specific small areas.
  • Steam: using the same principle as above, steam uses heat to kill bed bugs. However, this can be a far more localized treatment, and often causes the bed bugs to be “flushed out”.
  • Organic materials: there are some materials found in nature that are effective in decreasing, and eliminating, bed bug populations. These materials are derived from plants – such as cedar – to naturally combat the infestation.
  • Natural materials: diatomaceous earth, our entomologist tells us, is an inorganic compound, but is the exoskeletons of fossilized planktonic organisms. We use this to dust the wall voids of a home – it’s also used around homes for plants!

These are the most current organic methods of treating a bed bug population. If you are looking for organic bed bug control, your pest control company should be talking to you about these options. We certainly offer them to our customers.

We would be glad to help you navigate through these tough times, and are always available to answer questions. We offer free bed bug identification – we’ll stop by and peek at what you’ve found – and free estimates regarding the problem. We’ll also talk to you about what you can do to slow down the infestation and prevent future problems.


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