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Oregon Pest Control Team Offers Integrated Pest Management

Here at Eden Advanced Pest Technologies, our Oregon pest control services are not the same as pest extermination because we provide our commercial and residential clients a more natural solution to pest management. Consequently, this solution is safer, more effective and longer lasting than traditional extermination techniques. One of the main approaches our green Oregon pest control company uses is Integrated Pest Management (IPM), an intelligent approach to managing and preventing infestations.

Basics of Integrated Pest Management

Eden is an IPM leader in the Pacific Northwest for residential and commercial pests. When our Oregon pest control company uses IPM, we first determine the exact source of the problem. Then our experts decide on the safest, most effective and lowest risk tactics to use. Such tactics can include habitat modification, client education, physical exclusion, pest monitoring and removal of the harborage sites. This approach helps prevent re-infestation and ensures a healthier environment. If Eden ever needs to use chemical treatments, the products with the least toxicity are selected. As a result, our clients gain safe, effective and long-term pest control.

Eden’s Winning Team

We’re a family business, and our founder, Jack Marlowe, has an educational background in chemistry and biology. Using our combined knowledge and interests, Marlowe and the rest of our team strive to protect the Northwest from the health threats and damages area pests cause. We at Eden believe in supporting and helping the community, and our Oregon pest control company is dedicated to providing quality services to ensure customer health and satisfaction.

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