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Oregon Pest Control News: Portland Bans Pesticides that Are Harmful to Bees

Bee flying towards yellow flower2015 has been a good year for bees so far, according to Perdue researchers in an April 2015 Pest Control Technology article. The article states that a greater percentage of honeybees survived the recent winter better, as it wasn’t as cold as last year. Integrated pest management experts state that honeybee populations have declined by about 30 percent every year since the 1970, and experts don’t know why.  They have, however, identified neonicotinoid pesticides as a threat. For this reason, the Portland City Council banned its use.

Portland Pest Control More Friendly to Beneficial Insects

In early April 2015, the Portland City Council adopted an ordinance that prohibits the city from purchasing or using neonicotinoid pesticides on city property, such as parks, gardens and streets. The council also asked local retailers to label seeds, plants and products that contain the pesticide. The ban was prompted after the improper use of neonicotinoids resulted in the death of tens of thousands of bees in various Oregon cities in the past couple of years.

The council’s ban does not apply to the city’s two rose gardens. But, the city has until December 2017 to come up with an alternate solution to prevent rose midge infestations. Residential pest control experts state that the ban also does not extend to private citizens or privately owned businesses. Groups of farmers, foresters and other groups oppose the ban, stating that the use of neonicotinoids help protect crops that are vital for food production.

Responsible Oregon Pest Control to Help Bees

While not all bees are honeybees, many serve as pollinators. If you notice bees nesting on your property, call a residential pest control company, like Eden. The specialists will remove the bees and relocate them to an area that’s more hospitable.

Bees are vital to crops around the world that provide nourishment to humans and animals alike. If you have an insect infestation in your garden and want to control it in a manner that doesn’t harm beneficial insects, call Eden today

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