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Oregon Pest Control for Students in Dorms

Dorm Life

Student dorms can be a paradise for pests. With the freedom college students enjoy while they’re away from home, it’s all too easy to let go of clean habits – and this is exactly what pests want. Oregon pest control companies find that they answer many of the same campus complaints as Seattle pest control experts: bed bugs, rodents and ants. By learning how infestations happen, you can take steps to prevent them.

Cleaning Your Room

Leaving your laundry on the floor occasionally won’t cause mice to automatically gravitate toward your dorm. The problem can start, however, with other types of messiness, such as:

  • Not taking out the trash.
  • Neglecting your laundry.
  • Leaving food wrappers and empty pizza boxes around the room.
  • Leaving snacks out in the open.
  • Not keeping your books and papers neat.
  • Leaving messes in the dorm kitchen.

Ants and mice are all too happy to dine on the scraps of whatever food you’ve eaten. Plus, unkempt bookshelves and desks, as well as messy closets, make the perfect nests for bed bugs and rodents.

If you discover any leaks in your dorm room or bathroom, including water seeping through a window when it rains, report them to your residential advisor or area coordinator. Oregon pest control companies find that critters tend to flock to sources of water.

Bed Bugs

The scary thing about bed bugs is that they’re great hitchhikers. You can easily infest your parents’ house by accidentally introducing a bed bug from school, and vice versa. Because bed bugs can quickly infest a dorm room, inspect your room regularly for signs of them, such a small spots on your bed linens, mattress or along the wall. Ways to prevent a bed bug infestation in your dorm include:

  • Never purchasing or accepting used furniture for your dorm.
  • Using bed bug-proof mattress and box spring covers.
  • Washing your bed linens and laundry weekly; use the hottest water and dryer settings whenever possible.
  • Vacuuming your dorm room and any furniture in it.

What to Do if You Discover Pests in Your Dorm

1. Immediately report the discovery to the school’s residential life office, your area coordinator and the residential advisor. The residential life office should contact an Oregon pest control expert, while the dorm’s area coordinator and residential advisor should take steps to start controlling the infestation.

2. Clean and vacuum your room, take out the trash, throw away old food and wrappers, place unspoiled food that doesn’t need refrigeration in lidded plastic containers and encourage those on your floor to do the same.

3. Take the initiative to make sure the floor’s laundry room and kitchen area are clean. Encourage your peers to clean their dirty dishes.

4. Let the experts handle baits, traps and products that may contain chemicals.

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