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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How Infested Are Your Branches?

christmas tree

Yes, only pest control pros would alter the traditional German carol in such a creepy way. Yet Christmas trees can indeed contain pest populations that will quickly infest your warm, cozy home – unless you take the preventative steps listed below, that is.

Don’t let the need to call a Portland pest control service to handle an infestation ruin your holiday cheer. You can prevent bringing home pests in your holiday tree by:

Inspecting the tree. Whether you cut down your own or buy it from a lot, always inspect a tree for signs of life. Pass on any tree that has multiple spider webs, egg sacs, insects or a bird’s nest. It’s OK if you need to pick off a couple bugs, but anything more has the potential for infesting your home.

Shaking it. A healthy tree can withstand a good shake. Before you bring your tree inside, shake it to dislodge any insects or egg cases you may have missed.

Monitoring. After you set up your Christmas tree, continually monitor its trunk, branches and the area around it for insects. Vacuum any that come out of hiding.

Any Portland pest control service will tell you prevention is the key to keeping your home bug-free during the holidays. If you notice insects in a holiday tree, never use insecticides to get rid of them because they can harm your family and pose a fire hazard. Instead, if you find yourself with an infestation, remove the decorations, get the tree out of your house and call a pest control company for help.

[ Photo by: wolfsavard, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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