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Natural Pest Control Methods for Bees


There’s a growing interest in bees and beekeeping in the Northwest, which prompted Oregon State University to start the Oregon Master Beekeepers Program. While the effort to increase pollinator populations is laudable, many business owners prefer to keep stinging insects away from commercial properties. In this situation, natural pest control makes sense because it keeps the bees away and your customers safe.

Natural pest control for commercial property owners is simple with the following tips:

Bee Identification

There are many different types of bees, the most common being honeybees, bumble bees, carpenter bees and yellow jacket wasps. Only after you know what type of bee you’re dealing with can you effectively prevent and control infestations. A pest control expert can help Portland business owners identify which species of bee they’re dealing with.

Building Inspection

Walk around the exterior of your building and look for signs of nests; don’t forget to check under rafters and vents. As you inspect your building, take a look at the landscaping and note overhanging trees and unruly shrubs, because these are most likely to give you pest problems.

Vacuum & Seal

When it comes to bees and pest control, Portland residents and business owners find exclusion to be effective. If you spot bees coming in and out of your walls, vacuum them up in the evening, because this is when they’re the most tired. Then close the opening with putty. However, use this natural pest control technique only with newer nests that don’t have many bees.

While you’re at it, seal up any other cracks and holes you notice on the building’s exterior and interior walls.


Bees are allergic to smoke. If you don’t have a bee smoker, use a chimney for the grill or even some incense to drive bees away from your property. Take note that you should use this technique only for outdoor nests – smoke and a swarm of bees inside a building isn’t a good combination.

Call the Experts

The safest, most effective way to deal with bees in an eco-friendly manner is to call a natural pest control professional. Even if you’re not allergic to bees, multiple bites or stings all at once may prompt an allergic reaction.  There’s no need to put yourself in danger.

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[ Photo by: Nick Watton, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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