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“Molly” The Best Bed Bug Detection Dog in the West.

Find Bed Bugs Faster with Molly the Bed Bug Detection K9!

Molly trains twice daily with her owner, Leigh Ann Halbakken Coleman of Pest Detection Northwest. At 7a.m. and 5p.m. (breakfast and dinner) Molly trains with the compartment wheel. One compartment has a vile of live bed bugs and one compartment has dog food. The dog food is there to serve as a distraction so she always knows that it is bed bugs she is after, even though she is hungry.

As you will see in the first half of the video, Molly starts to get distracted by the compartment with the food in it, but quickly moves on to find the compartment with bed bugs.

When she finds the bed bugs, she sits and points with her snout. She will do this over and over until Leigh Ann praises her and gives her a piece of dog food. She will do this exercise until her entire meal of food is earned.

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