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Meet our Family of Professionals: Jenn Petitte, Commercial IPM Consultant

Jenn PetitteEden Pest wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for the leadership skills and talents of our employees. We’re excited to share more about what makes our team exceptional.

Jenn Petitte is the Commercial IPM Consultant out of Eden’s Olympia pest control office. Jenn has been in the pest control business ever since her parents opened up shop in the 1980s, and shares, “So there I was at 8, crawling in crawl spaces, attics and doing carpenter ant and termite jobs! I loved the carpenter ant and termite jobs because I got to use power tools! …I worked in the office growing up doing everything from dispatch, customer service, billing/ collections, inside sales and scheduling.”

When she turned 18, Jenn got licensed and started working as a pest control technician. After a break to take care of her son, Jenn got back in the business: “I started to learn entomology and IPM, and I was hooked. I love inspecting for conducive conditions and finding out what is drawing the pests in. I also enjoy working with my customers to educate them and solve their specific problems. But my favorite thing is identifying insects… Maybe because when I was 9 I asked for a puppy and got subterranean termites instead.”

Eden Pest thinks Jenn is great. Her Washington pest management teammates had this to say about her: “Jen is just a ball of energy everywhere she goes!  She just seems to go nonstop, almost always has a smile to share, even when she may not feel like it. Friendly and personable and very energetic.”

The Olympia office services areas from Gig Harbor to Kingston, Tacoma to Winlock and Fife to Steilacoom. Learn more about the other members of our team here. Our Washington pest control experts can help you with issues related pests like ants, termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, rodents, birds, moths, bats and birds using environmentally friendly techniques. Call one of Eden’s IPM consultants to learn more.

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